Unifying Love

Ah, to be human. Immediately upon arrival amidst this vale of tears on what functions like a poorly planned adventure, I pretend to expect the unexpected.

The expected experience is to feel loved. The robust persistence of the aforementioned expectation takes on a life of its own, growing disproportionately in opposition to physical reality.

I’ll repeat myself, I don’t just want to be loved, I want to feel loved. I want to, bask in the sublime healing connectedness of it. How ambitious is that?

The lucky few, seem to have stumbled right into this love zone when they were still young enough to feel they deserved it. What a concept. To earn it.

We all deserve it. Each and every one of us is just doing the best we can to find our path through the hazy mist of our life circumstances.

I think I got a little confused and ended up burning concepts into a belief system that is now superfluous to requirements. I was lucky once or twice at least for a while with romantic love, but couldn’t sustain it. Feeling loved is the experience I want most, so it used to elude me on a regular basis.

This love thing makes me want to believe in magic. Technically I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe in something that feels like magic.

I am choosing to call it unifying love. It’s tied up with the essential, universal, unity of things. This elusive connection creates an experience of oneness, wholeness, contentment, and peace.

Whatever this unity sensation is all about, that’s what I believe in. Pure, benevolent life energy and the more I tap into it, the better I feel and the easier it is to link up again.

It’s so human to develop a belief based on a feeling. I can’t prove this unified field of energy exists, but I allow myself the time to bask in it during daily meditation.

A physicist could show us the math that predicts this field. I wouldn’t know how to read the equations, but I still believe in empirical science, so I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially since it affirms my individual viewpoint emanating from right smack dab in the middle of it all.

The more we study the cosmos, the more we are sure that wherever we are, we are always right in the center of things. Egocentrism is as human as it gets.

According to Google, George Berkeley said, “To be is to be perceived.”

Iā€™m saying, ā€œTo be is to perceive,ā€ with all of our senses. I also believe that how we think and feel about ourselves and the world at large colors our precious perceptions.

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